MTV Roadies Xtreme X6 2018 Contestants List With Photo

MTV Roadies has become a sensational reality show in India, as many of the youths are attracted to this show and many girls and boys dream to become a roadie. The show is so successful that it has already completed 14 seasons and the 15th season MTV Roadies Xtreme X6 is going on. Lets have a look on MTV Roadies Xtreme X6 2018 Contestants List.

The show consist of total 20 contestant in which 10 boys and 10 girls has been selected from the auditions. Below are all Roadies Xtreme X6 2018 contestant list with their photo.

MTV Roadies Xtreme X6 2018 Contestants List

The contestant selected in the PI round by group leaders Neha Dhupia, Raftaar, Prince Narula & Nikhil Chinnappa went ahaed in the culling round, where Rannvijay Singh who is a new role this season selected 20 contestant for the show.

Shruti Sinha

Preeti Kunthal

Vidhit Sharma


Pavneet Singh

Sonu Jatt

Samiksha Malik

Syed Khurshid

Surbhi Rana

Vivek Bohra

Abhishek Dubey


Farah Fatima

Sandy Saha

Mini Rohela


Kriti Verma

Geetika Sood


Priya Sindhu

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