India’s Dancing Superstar 2017 Auditions & Online Registration Details

India’s Dancing Superstar 2017 Auditions & Online Registration Details

India Dancing Superstar 2017 Online Registration And Auditions

Blu Berry International

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India’s Dancing Superstar 2017

Lets Dance Together

India’s Dancing Supertstar 2017 is for those people who eat, breathe, sleep only to dance then this is an incredibly entertaining and perfect show searching for the real talent who has the best potential to be the future of dance of India. The winner will of India’s Dancing Superstar will be given a special chance to perform in an International Concert in London/Dubai/Singapore(any one city) with fully expense paid trip by the Organizer of this show. And many more prizes of worth 25 lacs will be given to all the winner’s, Red carpet ceremony with a Bollywood Live concert. Live Interview with Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazines etc. The contest is organized by Blueberry International Entertainment.

There is no age limit for this show. You can register for India’s Dancing Superstar 2017 audition via two modes: directly through Blueberry International Entertainment contact-+91 8587090111 or by filling up the registration form or online on the web portal of

India’s Dancing Superstar 2017 Auditions

Register Here-


The Participation is opened for all age groups.
The Participants should be of sound mind and health and must not be disqualified by law, should not have any criminal record.
The Parent/Guardian of the Participants shall register on behalf of the minor Participants to enable their participation in the show.
Also, carry proof of identity or eligibility.


Category A-Children up to (12) yrs INR 500

Category B-Solos (12) yrs+ INR 1000

Category C-Duos (12) yrs+ INR 1500

Category D-Groups(Max.10 Participants) INR 5000

India’s Dancing Superstar 2017 Auditions

Date: 11th November 2017
India Dancing Superstar 2017 Jaipur Auditions

Date: 18th November 2017
Venue: Coming Soon

Date: 25th November 2017
Venue:India Dancing Superstar 2017 lucknow Auditions

Date: 3rd December 2017
India Dancing Superstar 2017 Jaipur Auditions

Date: 9th December 2017
India Dancing Superstar 2017 Delhi Auditions



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