Indian Hip Hop Dance Championship 2017 Audition Details

Indian Hip Hop Dance Championship 2017
Being one of the India’s most celebrated dance festivals, Indian Hip Hop Dance Championship 2017 brings dance lovers from across the country to share and celebrate our love for dance !
We have successfully taken India’s best dance teams in the past 5 years to represent India best team at one of the World’s Biggest Dance Stage – World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2017 USA, Las Vegas.
Indian Hip Hop Dance Championship hunts over 15 cities regional audition across all over India through which we invite India’s best dancers to city Mumbai for the 5 days Grand Finale. The Grand Finale includes , workshops,performances and competition in group & solo categories as well. The winner from this competition represents India and compete at the World’s Biggest Dance Stage – World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2017 USA, Las Vegas. 
1. In 2012, SNV [Fictitious Crew] entered into the finals at World Hip Hop dance Championship USA Las Vegas.  This became a history as India became the first country to have its crew enter into the finals at its first visit to the World Championship USA.
3. In 2015, Kings United India won the bronze medal at World hip Hop Dance Championship USA, San Diego. The crew has made history to be the only India team to win a medal at the World Championship.
4. In 2016, 13.13 crew made it to the World Top 4th after competing with over 72 teams from 55 countries.

Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions shall be applicable only to the Regional Audition Round and has no applicability to National Finale Round. The same, in any case, shall not be applicable to any subsequent rounds conducted by HHI India or HHI International
HHI India: It refers to HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL India and all the property, tangible and intangible, associated therewith
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade: The college/university setup by the Government of India and located at B21, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, 110016 and includes all the property, tangible and intangible, associated therewith. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi to be referred hereinafter as “IIFT”
Quo Vadis: The annual college fest of IIFT to be organized from 20th January, 2017 to 22 January, 2017 and includes all the property, tangible and intangible, associated therewith. Quo Vadis to be referred hereinafter as “Event”
HHI Regional Round: The regional auditions round organized at IIFT on the specified date and at the specified time. HHI Regional Round to be referred hereinafter as “Competition”
Organizing Committee: The committee delegated with the task to conduct and manage the said competition/event. The members of the committee shall be students of IIFT and may also be the delegates/members of HHI India
All other words used in the terms and condition document shall be implicitly interpreted as their dictionary meaning.
Details of the Competition: There shall be three categories of competition, namely:
Solo Competition
Duet Competition
Group Dance Competition


Date and Time of Competition: The competition shall be organized on 21st January, 2017 from 8am to 4pm. The last half hour is reserved for the prize distribution, results announcements, closing ceremony etc
Eligibility: The competition is open for everyone and there is no age limit
Limited Registrations: The Organizing Committee reserves the right to limit the number of registrations for the competition. Such limit of registrations, however, shall be communicated well in advance. The registration requests must be submitted in appropriate pro-forma, in accordance with the provisions of this document, and shall be accepted only on First Come First Serve Basis. Mere satisfaction of eligibility criterion doesn’t entitle a registration for the competition
Registration Process: The participant(s) are required to register for the competition by following two phases of registration, namely:
6.1 Online Registration (Phase-1)
6.2 On-Spot Offline Registration (Phase-2)
The link for online registration shall be shared for a limited period of time on various media, including but not limited to, social media, banners, posters etc. The on-spot offline registration shall be processed on the day of competition, from 8:00am to 9:30 am, at the designated place in the IIFT premises. 
Every participant, who shall perform, is mandatorily required to be present at the time of on-spot offline registration and must register himself/herself. The registration shall not be deemed successful unless all the participants register themselves.
Details to be furnished on on-spot offline registration: The participant(s) are required to furnish the personal and contact details for the registration. They are further required to submit the audio/music/track, which they wish to perform on, via a pen-drive to the member of the organizing committee. The participants are strictly advised to adhere to the timings of registrations.
Entry Fee: On the day of on-spot registration, the participant(s) are required to submit the following non-transferrable and non-returnable entry-fee for the competition, namely:
8.1 For Solo Competition:      Rs. 300 /- only
8.2 For Duet Competition:     Rs 400 /- only
8.3 For Group Competition:   Rs 800 /- only
Validity of Registration: The registration shall be treated valid only after the successful registration of both the phase of registration and payment of entry fee. Mere registration of one of the phases of registration or registration but non-submission of entry fee shall be termed as invalid and doesn’t entitle entry to the competition
Sequence of the Performances: The order of the categories of performance shall be strictly as under:
10.1 Solo Competition
10.2 Duet Competition
10.3 Group Competition
The sequence of performance within the categories, however, shall be decided and communicated by the Organizing Committee on the day of on-spot registration
Time limit for Performance: Each performance, individual, duet or group, must be performed within the stipulated time limit. The time limit for each category is stipulated as under:
11.1 For Solo Competition:  No more than 1 minutes 45 seconds.
11.2 For Duet Competition:  No more than 2 minutes
11.3 For Group Competition:
11.3.1 If the number of members in the group is less than 10, then between 2 to 5 minutes
11.3.2 If the number of members in the group is more than 10, then between 4 to 7 minutes.
The candidates are advised to strictly follow the time limits, failing which, their performance may attract penal marks and/or abrupt interruption of music/track/song beyond the stipulated time limit.
Judge and Performance Evaluation: The Judge of the competition shall be a delegate(s)/member(s) of HHI India. The Judge shall enjoy the unfettered discretion and absolute right of evaluation of performances. The parameters of evaluation shall, inter alia, include:
12.1 Creativity
12.2 Choreography
12.3 Staging
12.4 Spacing
12.5 Formations
12.6 Level Changes
12.7 Showmanship
12.8 Intensity
12.9 Confidence
12.10 Projection & Presence
12.11 Entertainment Value
12.12 Audience Appeal
12.13 Street Presence
12.14 Attire
12.15 Execution
However, the aforementioned parameters are indicative and not comprehensive of the evaluation. That evaluation of the judge shall be final and binding and no request of review of performance shall be entertained under any circumstances.
Prizes: The Organizing Committee may, at their discretion, award/distribute few prizes in any form, including but not limited to, vouchers, coupons etc to the winner(s)/participant(s). The conditions of redemption of such coupons, vouchers etc shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the company offering such coupons, vouchers etc. IIFT or Organizing Committee does not guarantee the redemption of such prizes and shall not indemnify the redemption or non-redemption.
Right and Ownership of Photographs and Videos: The organizing committee enjoys the right, or can extend the same to any third party, to click the photographs or/and to record the videos of the participant(s), performance(s) etc. The ownership of the same contents lies exclusively with the Organizing Committee. The organizing committee is further authorized to post such contents on social media, posters etc for promotional purposes.
Conduct and Disciplinary Action: All the participant(s) are expected to demonstrate professional conduct throughout the competition. The participants must restrain from any unprofessional conduct towards any co-member, competitor, crew member, or audience. Any activity that is libelous to the repute of event, competition or IIFT shall not be tolerated. No participant(s) should damage the property of event, competition or IIFT. Any unprofessional conduct/activity shall be strictly dealt with. The organizing committee enjoys the right to initiate disciplinary action, including but not limited to, de-registration from the competition, de – recognition of the performance, expulsion from the competition, recommendation of penal marks etc. The entry fee, in these disciplinary cases, shall be forfeited. The decision of the organizing committee shall be final and binding and is without prejudice to any other available remedial measure.
Indian Hip Hop Dance Championship 2017 Auditions Details


Delhi Auditions
21st January 2017
Venue-Delhi Campus IIFT Bhawan
B-21 Qutab Institutional Area
For Registration 
More Audition Information Coming Soon


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