Dance Plus 3 Winner Name, Runner Up, Prize Money

Dance Plus is most loved and best dance reality show of india, Dance Plus completed its third season recently. This show is know for international level of dancing, and in this season we saw some international level dancers and also challengers like Dytto, and Fikshun. Dance plus 3 was very and competitive season and winner name is announced by star plus. There were four fanalist Bir Radha Sherpa, Tarun-Shivani, Atyan Patra And Amardeep Singh Natt. Bir Radha Sherpa is the winner of Dance Plus 3.

Bir Radha Sherpa was in Team Punit and rest three finalist Tarun-Shivani, Aryan Patra and Amardeep Singh Natt were in Team Dharmesh.

Dance Plus 3 Winner Name

Bir Radha Sherpa is winner of Dance Plus and he got prize money of  Rs 25 lakh and Hyundai Elite i20 car along with an Oppo phone, Amazon voucher worth 1 lakh rupees and a Suzuki Gigsar SFFi bike. His Dance style was b-boying and contemporary style.

 1st Runner Up- Amareep Singh Natt From Team Dharmesh

 2nd Runner Up- Tarun-Shivani From Team Dharmesh.

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